Garden houses in Augmented Reality

“Working in pyjamas, with your kids around, with TV on, knowing that this Pringle’s- filled kitchen is just 10ft away is sooo cool.
For the first 3 days.

...then it becomes frustrating”.

In times conducive to remote work, looking for a place to concentrate, we are out there on our own. No more cosy office, fruity Thursdays, table football or a beer-filled fridge the boss pretends to have no idea about.

You want to work in focus? You need to create your very own workplace. You don’t want to get a ticket? You need to do it at home. One might say - mission impossible.

But is it?

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Scandic Sofa

Imagine you want to reduce your production costs. So you decide to standardize the production a little. You switch to modular furniture. This way, with just a few products, you have an unlimited number of combinations on offer. It seems to you that all the problems with production, storage and personalization are over.

Then you realize that you have no way of showing the client his future piece of furniture.

Never mind - you are doing a photo session. You order to photograph several variants of your sofa, but you know the downside of this solution. Taking the photo does not reflect even 1% of the possibilities offered by the modules.

You just got back to square one. Your client sees the photo and then calls you asking: "I have as much and as much space, what would you advise me?" It wasn't that, was it?


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